Why Choose Air Ductors?

Our technicians have been servicing the Washington DC metro for decades. We are locally owned and family operated.

Environmentally Safe 
We use only non-toxic, biodegradable products to clean your air ducts & carpets. Keeping you and your family safe.

Free Microbial Inspection
Our technicians will inspect for any microbial contamination like mold or bacteria in the air system in every job.

Certified Mold Remediator
Our technicians are certified in mold remediation and water damage restoration.

Air Ductors
Mold Is Toxic And Will Cause Property Damage

Having a Mold problem can be frustrating and  very hazardous to your health. According to the EPA guide lines, even a small Mold removal project should be handled by a trained professional using the proper safety masseurs to protect themselves, you and your family.  Turning to an expert will insure the complete remediation of the problem and prevent regrowth or further damages to your property.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
         Only Environmentally Safe Products
         Trained Certified Technicians 

         We Guarantee The Complete Removal Of Mold!

Air Ductors has been a leader in mold remediation in the last decade. We set new standards for safety, diagnostics and work procedures. The first step in remediating the problem is diagnosing it, that’s why we send one of our trained certified technicians to assess your mold problem and the origins of the moisture that started the mold growth, using Non-invasive techniques so no drywall needs to be damaged. Our experience is backed by 20 years of excellent service and guaranteed satisfaction. We strive to get your personal environment decontaminated for perfect air quality and better living.

Our Remediation Process,
  • Free Visual Assessment.
    Visual mold or moister detection is vital for finding the problem area or moister source.
  • Mold Testing With Lab Results
    We encourage our customers to perform professional mold testing by a  third party with detailed lab results of what type and level of mold is present in your atmosphere.
  • InfraRed Stracture & Moisture Inspection
    A Non-Invasive technology to detect moisture inside walls without having to destroy them ! Using the latest technology to detect structural damage is vital not only in evaluation but also to make sure job is done right !
  • Pre-Remediation Safety procedures
    Safety is first, we ensure your safety by covering all entrances with heavy duty plastic sheets to prevent cross contamination of clean areas in your property.
  • Mold Removal & Remediation
    Infected building material is placed in large heavy duty plastic bags to prevent cross contamination. All infected areas are treated with our variety of specialized Green products to ensure the absolute remediation of the mold and other pathogens.
  • Air Purification 
    HEPA filtration machines filter particles as small as bacteria releasing clean air in staid. Even dead mold spores are removed ! All that remains is purified air.
  • Prevent & Protect
    Exposed wood is sealed with a mold resistant sealant and all surfaces are coated with an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial residue to control microbial growth.
  • Clearance Air Quality Test
    Post remediation air test is extremely important to make sure air is free of pathogens. We back our work with a 100% Guaranteed clearance pass and satisfactionClearance tests done only through a third party laboratory to ensure objectivity !

Upon completion of each project we offer Complete Restoration Services If Required.
At Air Ductors we stand behind our work and guarantee the complete removal
of mold spores to safe levels. Our certified experienced technicians use varies techniques for cleaning and remediation using the latest technology available in the market today !

Call us today for your Free visual inspection and estimate ! 
To prevent future mold problems we inspect and reinspect our work to make sure moisture source is eliminated and will not cause mold growth again. Our experienced technicians will answer all questions or concerns before the completion of your project.

All Work Is Done By The Strict EPA Guidelines To Insure Safety And Efficiency.

All Work is backed with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee !!!