Why Choose Air Ductors?

Our technicians have been servicing the Washington DC metro for decades. We are locally owned and family operated.

Environmentally Safe 
We use only non-toxic, biodegradable products to clean your air ducts & carpets. Keeping you and your family safe.

Free Microbial Inspection
Our technicians will inspect for any microbial contamination like mold or bacteria in the air system in every job.

Certified Mold Remediator
Our technicians are certified in mold remediation and water damage restoration.

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Turn Your HVAC System into an Air Purifier! 

Ultra Violet light is used in a verity of industries to disinfect and control microbial growth, efficiently, safely and with out the use of chemicals or VOCs.
Airazor's Ultra Violet Systems are designed for commercial and domestic use, Bringing you the power of the sun in to your home or business. It's being used in Hospitals, Labs, Government Buildings and many industrial applications.

Sanitizing Without Harmful Chemicals
         Eliminated Up To 95% of Microbes 
         No Ozone 

Ultra violet light or UV light is naturally accruing in the sun and has the power to destroy DNA in micro-organisms like Mold, Bacteria, Dust Mites & viruses.
Installing a UV light system in your home will insure these allergens will be eliminated before circulating in your indoor air supply and potentially harm your family.

Installation of a UV light system is preformed in the main air passage ways of your HVAC system, that's where all the indoor air is traveling through before getting in to your home from the air duct system. The best location for installation is right above the cooling coils, That is the most humid place of your system and likely to develop mold growth if not maintained. It can be installed in the main return line as well right before the filter. Both locations are very effective in disinfecting all of your indoor air.

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Why Install a Ultra Violet Light System?

  • Allergy Relief
  • Coughing & Sneezing
  • Flu Like Symptoms
  • Mold Found in the Home
  • Poor Air Quality 
  • Prevent Cross Contamination
  • People with Immune Deficiencies
  • Mold & Mildew Prevention